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CountWONDER - the ultimate Automated Production Monitoring System

Ask any printer in the world and he would vouch for the fact that automation in the printing sector has picked up pace over the last few years, and the advancements in technology and electronics have a huge role in this. It is indeed a different story altogether as to how many of us in the print sector opt for partial or complete automation of their processes and that completely depends on the budget and requirements.

Having said that, the automation have really helped increase the overall efficiency, production volumes and speed of functioning. Coming to the main point, Production Monitoring Systems helps one to determine the working capacity and the state of the machine(s) on production floors and here we shall discuss the usefulness of production monitoring systems along with their features and working with special focus on our very own CountWONDER system.

CountWONDER from the Pentaforce stable, with a combined experience of over 50 years, offers a system developed entirely in India which helps in monitoring and identifying flaws or glitches in a machine, in real time and in turn help improve the overall productivity. The system can be easily mounted on the machine’s feeder or delivery and the monitoring tools are linked with Ethernet and production monitoring software that helps in not only reporting the status of the machine and data collection for further analysis and report generation.

You also get a host of outputs including Production downtime, based on which rectification steps can be taken. So production monitoring systems offer an end-to-end solution right from machine and product quality to increasing output, optimizing machine utilization, and take improvement steps based on the data analysis.

This system can be attached to any machine for automating the system be it a fully automatic machine of even a very old manual die-platten machine to get the required data to analyze, based on the signals it receives. The collected data can be analysed to generate the following reports, to name a few:

· live Machine Status

· Hourly/Daily/Monthly/Yearly Production Reports

· Daily Job Production Report

· Machine Downtime and Production Lost reports

When installed on any printing or post-printing machine, CountWONDER Production Monitoring System detects the sheet movement on the machine and sends signals via WiFi though the CountWONDER hardware to the server/gateway, where the preinstalled data analytics software converts the data into the format the customer needs and dispalys the same on any screen of choice irrespective of the location. As is usual with most software-driven production monitoring systems, CountWONDER too can be customized for optimal benefits specific to the client.

The CountWONDER system is designed for easy installation and minimum disruption of your production and helps to increase efficiency, productivity, and equipment utilization. The system is Windows based can be used with wireless networks. With an inbuilt software and internet connectivity, the system can send alert messages in case of breakdowns or emergencies. Since, the systems is automated, they help eliminate human errors.

CountWONDER can be programmed to integrate with your existing ERP system to fetch required data like Job No., Job Name and any other information from them thus avoiding double entry or for that matter any perceivable human error. This smart systems integration help boost productivity and are instrumental in creating smart, hassle-free workplaces.

With CountWONDER installed at your shopfloor, your need to rely on the machine operator to manually input production data into the system is done with. The system automatically collects this information and adds the production numbers to your system, wirelessly. If the machine goes down (as in stops), the monitoring system will keep track of downtime and it can be assigned to user definable categories like - under maintenance, waiting for material, operator breaks, etc. By collecting this data, it is easy to see the machine overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Based on this, the company can make some strategic decisions regarding their production such as increasing the volume per day, changing the schedule for the staff, so on and so forth. It would be pertinent to say that the systems allows the management to not only decode the lacunae in production of machine but the manpower too. It would not be any exaggeration to declare that an investment in CountWONDER is recoverable in a very short period of time!

If you have read this in totality and feel the need to talk to one of our representative for gaining more information or even for arranging for a DEMO at your premises, feel free to call Mr.Sachin Kala at +919899307625 or write to

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